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"Jump Step"
Olivia Sergi
"Jump Step" will be shipped from Boston, MA (United States).
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"Jump Step" (2020)
Cut paper
4.75 x 6.25"
Olivia Sergi can only accept Venmo.
Profits go to

“100% of the proceeds will go to the Black Artist Fund. They are working against racial inequality in art institutions by directly funding Black artists and art collectives.”

– Olivia Sergi

About the work

This cut paper work was created from found paper. It explores energy dynamics, using images and colors using resources from this decade and from the 1980s. In all my works I try to explore shape and color relationships, drawing only from found materials.

About the maker

Olivia Sergi is a freelance graphic designer and collage artist. She strives to create empathetic work that is the result of vulnerable conversation. See more of her work at www.oliviasergi.com or @oliviassergi on Instagram.

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