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"Shadow Flower 004"
"Shadow Flower 004" will be shipped from Rotterdam, Netherlands.
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"Shadow Flower 004" (2019)
By Jur
Fine art paper
Signed by photographer, 1/25
30 x 40 cm
Jur can only accept PayPal or IBAN bank transfer.
Profits go to

“I pledge to donate all the profits from the sale of this photograph to a variety of (70+) community bail funds, and I'd be happy to send receipts after donating!”

– Jur

About the work

This is a photo print of polaroid photo from my 'Shadow Flower' series. All prints are 30 by 40cm, and they are all signed and one out of an edition of 25.

About the maker

Hey, my name is Jur. I'm working as a designer and art director at Lavendr Studio, the design company that contributed to the realisation of UNISON, this platform. I also wanted to contribute by donating multiple photo prints of some of the polaroid pictures I often take. I'm fascinated by the natural beauty of flowers (like many others) but I try to look for non-cliché ways of capturing them, and showing them from a darker perspective, as a visualisation of the potential pain that beauty can hold.

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